Fit Check 1:Ice Spice with our Spring Summer 2024 Waistband Detached Hot Pants
Fit Check 2:Press Photos Style

Most of our designs are one-size and/or oversize and unisex.

Handmade in our Mexico City atelier. Limited productions.

Fit Check 3:Fashion Week Street Style

Todos nuestros jeans son unisex.

Visita la colección y descubre nuestras piezas hechas de manera artesanal en México.


Iconic pants that redefine hundreds of looks.

Fit Check 4:Pemex boy
Fit Check 5:Denim thong cowboy
Fit Check 6:Unisex fits
Fit Check 7:Brunch and the city
Fit Check 8:Museum day
Fit Check 9:Anitta's style (BELLAKEO)
Fit Check 10:Studio Session

The one-size-fits-all oversized shirts we create work equally well as a shirt or a dress.