MANCANDY transcends conventional barriers to become a complete expression of the restless creative mind behind its name. Beyond garment creation, MANCANDY represents the aesthetic and ethical vision of its creator, Andrés Jiménez, who has sculpted an impressive path in contemporary fashion.

From his beginnings as an apprentice to his mother, sewing since adolescence, to his notable participation in Fashion Week, MANCANDY has evolved into a recognized brand, backed by the recent recognition from Who's On Next Mexico. Jiménez's journey in design has translated into timeless, high-quality garments that have conquered not only the runways but also the attention of international celebrities.

The urban essence of MANCANDY reflects Jiménez's own life story, with designs inspired by architectural styles, nature, musical rhythms, and streetwear. Each garment becomes a work of art that accentuates the personality of the wearer, regardless of gender. Photography and music, rooted in the brand's DNA, shape its unique approach.

Andrés Jiménez's perspective on everyday attire manifests in challenging silhouettes, merging pragmatic comfort with a avant-garde touch. His approach to gender bending challenges conventional fashion norms, creating an inclusive space where authenticity and individuality are celebrated.

MANCANDY is an artistic expression that transcends the boundaries of fashion, leaving a unique and unmistakable mark with each piece of his work.